After World War II, Hitler’s Nazi strategist projected that “Elon” would dominate Mars.


After World War II, Hitler’s Nazi strategist projected that “Elon” would dominate Mars.

In a 1953 science fiction thriller, ADOLF HITLER’S Nazi mastermind Wernher von Braun eerily prophesied how “Elon” would control Mars.

Von Braun was an SS officer with a PhD in engineering who was given a grant by Hitler in the early 1930s to build experimental rockets. By 1942, his crew had launched the V2 rocket, the world’s first long-range guided ballistic missile, which cost twice as much as the Allies’ atomic bomb and killed 9,000 people when it rained down on London and Antwerp by the thousands. However, a year later, the RAF retaliated against von Braun by destroying his site and forcing him to evacuate, finally leading to his surrender to the Allies.

Following the war, he was sent to the United States as part of Operation Paperclip, along with around 1,600 other German scientists, engineers, and technicians, to work on an intermediate-range ballistic missile program.

During this time, he wrote ‘Project Mars,’ a 1953 science fiction novel that has sparked interest this week due to its mention of “Elon.”

It arose when blogger Toby Li sent Elon Musk a German-language snippet from the book, asking him, “Did you realize that Von Braun’s 1953 book described a guy named Elon that would transport mankind to Mars?”

An English translation of the novel, on the other hand, results in an even more creepy development.

“Elon mentioned by Von Braun in the book isn’t the name of the person but rather the name of the office – something like an elected meritocratic president,” another Twitter user commented after sharing a section.

In the story, von Braun describes a representative democracy on Mars, with an Elon as the president-like leader.

”The Martian government was commanded by ten men, the leader of whom was elected for five years by universal vote and given the name ‘Elon.’”

“The laws to be administered by the Elon and his cabinet were enacted by two houses of Parliament.”

In his imaginary government, the upper legislature consists of 60 persons nominated by Elon for life periods who can vote yes or no on legislation but cannot edit or change it in any manner.

The lower house is chosen, but not by geography, but by occupation. He said that this occurred because transportation technology allowed people to go over the entire globe. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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