After witnesses see the race number hoax, the London Marathon couple apologizes and says they are “really sorry.”


After witnesses see the race number hoax, the London Marathon couple apologizes and says they are “really sorry.”

Monika and Piotr Czarnecka were caught red-handed at the London Marathon after enraged onlookers noticed them sporting similar numbers on their vests.

After eagle-eyed spectators realized that they were using the same registration number on their vests, a married couple who cheated in the London Marathon stated they were “really remorseful.”

Monika Czarnecka, 41, and her husband Piotr, 42, sparked outrage when they were caught on Sunday, October 3 sporting the same number (11250).

Only Monika was authorized to participate in the event, and her husband, who could be seen jogging beside her, had cloned it so he could cheer her on.

“I’m sincerely sorry for what we’ve done and didn’t mean to cause any pain,” Ms Czarnecka told MailOnline.

“The people that cheered and clapped for me helped me finish the marathon, and it aches to think that I let them down.”

“This was my first marathon, and I needed Piotr’s help since I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to complete it.”

After missing out on the vote, her companion Piotr admitted that he was unable to compete in the marathon.

“It was all my idea, and I take full responsibility for it,” he explained. I realize it’s bad, and I really apologize, but I had no choice but to support my wife.” Due to the marathon providing numbers to competitors a few days before the event, Piotr was able to duplicate the registration number given to his wife.

On social media, the couple was attacked, with several users expressing their displeasure that they were both able to get away with participating in the event.

“I’ve got 9 rejections in 9 years,” one Twitter user commented. This type of thing is quite aggravating. It’ll be my only chance next year. “I’m not holding my breath.” “It’s not fair if we pay roughly £200 for a charity place, stressing raising £2k, and you receive virtuals or fakes on the course,” another added. A spokeswoman for the London Marathon said that the incident is being investigated.

“We’re aware of the photographs that show two runners wearing similar numbers, and we’re looking into it,” they added.

“Any situation in which a person cheats or falsifies numbers is taken very seriously by us.”

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