After William Shatner’s Blue Origin trip, Prince William criticizes the billionaire space race.


After William Shatner’s Blue Origin trip, Prince William criticizes the billionaire space race.

After William Shatner said his journey was “very deep,” the Duke of Edinburgh suggested scientists should focus on “trying to heal this planet, not trying to locate the next location to go and live.”

In a rare outspoken interview about climate change, Prince William attacked Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk’s billionaire space race.

The Duke of Cambridge told the BBC that the world’s brightest minds should focus on solving problems that impact all of us, rather than hunting for new homes on other planets.

After Star Trek actor William Shatner flew to the final frontier with Bezos’ rocket Blue Origin, billionaires’ forays into space drew even more attention.

The journey was “the most meaningful experience I can fathom,” according to Shatner.

William, on the other hand, was underwhelmed.

“We need some of the world’s brightest brains and minds focused on repairing this planet, not on finding the next location to live,” he remarked.

Prince William used the opportunity to promote the first annual Earthshot Prize, which will offer £50 million to climate entrepreneurs, while also honoring his father, Prince Charles, for his contributions to climate change awareness.

William elaborated: “He’s had a tough time with it, and I’m sure you’re aware that he’s been proven to be much ahead of his time in warning about some of these hazards.

“He advanced that before anyone else even realized it was a topic.”

William also mentioned that his grandpa, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, inspired him to get interested in environmental causes.

However, the future king warned that the next Cop26 discussions were “critical” and that having to push for climate change in 30 years would be a “utter tragedy” for his own son, Prince George.

Sign up for one of our newsletters to receive more stories from the Brinkwire.William added: “If we aren’t careful, we will be plundering our children’s future by our actions today.

“And I don’t think that’s right.

“Young people nowadays are growing up in a world where their futures are constantly endangered. It’s quite unsettling.

“We can’t have any more intelligent talk, since there isn’t enough action.”


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