After walking out of a press conference and refusing to answer questions, Joe Biden was dubbed a “coward.”


After walking out of a press conference and refusing to answer questions, Joe Biden was dubbed a “coward.”

After walking out of a news conference and refusing to answer questions, Joe Biden has been dubbed a “coward.”

The US President stubbornly rejected criticism on Tuesday of his decision to stick to a deadline to withdraw from Afghanistan this week, despite the fact that up to 200 Americans and thousands of US-aligned Afghan citizens remain in the country. Joe Biden defended his management of the Afghanistan drawdown in a televised address, saying he inherited an insecure situation from his predecessor, Republican Donald Trump, and that the 20-year conflict “should have ended long ago.” His leaving from the press conference, however, received even greater condemnation because he refused to answer any questions.

Mr. Biden turned away from the podium after making his remarks before returning shortly to collect his face mask.

“Joe Biden says a few things, then turns around and walks away like a 10-year-old,” one Twitter user commented. He is deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly de

“It’s like Joe Biden has taken a page from Trump’s playbook,” said another. He gives speeches and then walks away, oblivious to press questions.”

“Joe Biden is such a coward,” a third individual said. When the press asks him a question he knows he won’t be able to answer, he closes his book and walks away. He simply walks away. What type of President does something like that?”

Mr. Biden’s handling of the pullout has sparked outrage among Republicans and Democrats, as well as international allies, denting his job popularity ratings and raising doubts about his judgment.

The fate of Americans and Afghans who were unable to board the last United States planes out of Kabul airport this week following the Taliban’s takeover of the capital is still a major issue.

According to US sources, 100 to 200 Americans remain in Afghanistan “with some intention of leaving,” according to Biden. He claimed that the majority of individuals who remained were dual citizens and long-term residents who had previously opted to stay, and that the US was determined to get them out if they so desired.

Many congressmen urged Biden to extend the deadline until August 31 to allow more Americans and Afghans to go. He stressed on Tuesday that the deadline was not set arbitrarily and that adhering to it was aimed at preserving lives.

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