After violence erupts on French streets, Emmanuel Macron is forced to make a humiliating U-turn.


After violence erupts on French streets, Emmanuel Macron is forced to make a humiliating U-turn.

After enormous protests erupted over the implementation of the contentious ‘health pass’ on Saturday, EMMANUEL MACRON was forced to make a humiliating U-turn.

Hundreds of thousands of French protestors took to the streets yesterday to express their displeasure with President Emmanuel Macron’s new COVID-19 “health card” proposals. Earlier this week, the French president revealed plans to have all restaurants, pubs, hospitals, shopping malls, trains, airlines, and other places require mandatory “health cards.” Data on Covid test results and immunization status is included in the passes.

Across the country, there were protests against the proposals.

They demanded Mr. Macron’s resignation and vowed to boycott the health pass if he did not.

France is regarded for being one of Western Europe’s most vaccine-skeptical countries.

In some locations, including as Nantes, protests became violent, prompting police to use tear gas to disperse the crowds.

Nine activists were arrested in Lyon, while a vaccination center in Lans-en-Vercors was ransacked on Saturday morning.

According to the French Interior Ministry, 114,000 individuals took part in the protests.

As a result, Emmanuel Macron has backed down on several of the health pass’s regulations, including its usage in shopping malls.

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire announced on Sunday that the tickets will henceforth be necessary only for malls with a floor area of more than 20,000 square meters.

“Business executives are worried,” he told the French press, “and I want to reassure them: We will show understanding.”

As he prepares to run for re-election in April, Mr Macron is under heavy criticism for his handling of the Covid epidemic.

He has recently retaliated against vaccination skeptics after requiring vaccines for healthcare personnel.

Mr Macron said in a speech to the country this week that he wasn’t trying to “make vaccination immediately mandatory for everyone,” but rather to “urge as many of you as possible to go and be vaccinated.”

This comes as the Delta variant’s expansion across the country accelerates.

More cases and deaths are expected in the coming weeks, according to authorities, who are concerned about a fourth wave in August.

Meanwhile, the French government has announced that border controls will be reinforced beginning Sunday.


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