After viewing a pile of ‘disgusting’ cigarette butts on a car dashboard, people became ‘nauseous.’


After viewing a pile of ‘disgusting’ cigarette butts on a car dashboard, people became ‘nauseous.’

One smoker looked to be using their automobile as a gigantic ashtray, stubbling out one after cigarette on the dashboard, inches from their seat. It’s safe to say that hardly one was impressed. Not everyone treats their car with the utmost respect.

Chocolate wrappers, empty beverages cans, and crisp packets strewn throughout footwells and passenger seats aren’t uncommon.

However, one filthy driver pushed things to a whole new level of filth by stacking hundreds of cigarette ends on their dashboard.

The motorist in question appeared to be using their vehicle as an ashtray on wheels, with cigarette ends piling up inches from their face.

Many Reddit users were outraged by a photo of the offending automobile.

A Reddit user revealed their smoking discovery on the internet community, titling the post “Taking the name dASHboard literally.”

They included a photo of the filthy dashboard, which was taken via the window.

People hurried to the comments section, disgusted by the strew of cigarette ends, to express their feelings.

“When you despise yourself and your car,” one person said.

“Look at all those small burns under the window,” another user observed.

“Also, the smell in there must be extremely horrible,” a third individual remarked.

“Hopefully they don’t have to make any sudden braking,” someone another said.

In the meantime, a fifth user said: “I’m sick to my stomach just looking at it. This image has a distinct odor to it. My parents were both heavy smokers, and one thing I learnt from them is that smoking is a revolting habit.” “At least they’re being eco-friendly and not chucking them out all over the place,” one individual said of the cigarettes being hoarded. Get the most up-to-date Lifestyle news sent directly to your email. Subscribe to the Brinkwire Hot Topics email for free.


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