After the’shallow’ attack, Thomas Markle Jr. has sparked a surge of sympathy for Meghan.


After the’shallow’ attack, Thomas Markle Jr. has sparked a surge of sympathy for Meghan.

After telling an Australian reality TV show that the Duchess of Sussex was “very shallow,” THOMAS MARKLE JR has sparked an outpouring of sympathy for her.

The debut of Thomas Markle Jr. on Australian Big Brother has generated outpourings of support for the Duchess of Sussex. In a recent trailer for the reality show, Meghan Markle’s half-brother launched a blistering attack on the Duchess. In a brief preview clip, Thomas refers to his sister as “very shallow,” before claiming that he warned Prince Harry that Meghan would “ruin his life.” The presenters and guests of E! News’ Daily Pop blasted the remarks.

“I feel awful for Meghan, and yes, I am a big brother,” said Victor Cruz, a contributor.

“What big brother goes on chat shows about his sister like that?”

A fellow contributor remarked, “It’s simply surprising to me.”

“I believe that is terrible,” she remarked.

Thomas Markle Jr called Meghan Markle “extremely shallow” in a new teaser for Australia’s Big Brother VIP reality tv show.

In the teaser, Thomas claimed, “I’m Meghan Markle’s brother.”

“I’m the oldest of the siblings.”

He goes on to say that during an alleged conversation with Prince Harry, he informed the Duke, “I think [Meghan] is going to ruin your life.” She’s a superficial person.”

During a Lorraine interview with Hollywood expert Ross King, TV anchor Christine Lampard described Meghan’s half-intervention brother’s as “just a little bit embarrassing.”

“It’s just a little cringe,” she explained.

“Did that make any news over there (in America)?”

Ross said, “Yes, a little bit.”

“It’s starting to seep through, so it’ll be fascinating to see what comes of it,” he remarked, and that was all he said.

It could take weeks to find out what else Thomas Markle Jr has said about his step-sister, according to the showbiz expert.

“Undoubtedly, another problem for Meghan and Harry,” Christine said.


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