After their dream first house was built with a hole in the roof, the couple was hit with an £8,000 cost.


After their dream first house was built with a hole in the roof, the couple was hit with an £8,000 cost.

A COUPLE is facing an £8,000 cost after contractors declared their ideal first home together had a roof hole.

In 2019, Stewart and Atenea Bottomley purchased a three-story home in Hockley, Coventry, on a brand-new estate. However, towards the start of lockdown last year, the couple saw water leaking through walls in one of their beds.

Professional roofers examined the situation and determined that the problem arose from the home’s initial construction, when the brickwork was completed too high. According to the contractors, a metal joist hanger pierced the roofing felt through which water drains off, causing a hole.

According to Coventry Live, the roof was “never constructed correctly and was probably leaking from day one,” according to the contractors.

Repairs were carried out in February at a cost of £7,812, following which the couple contacted Persimmon, requesting “appropriate recompense” after being told the problem arose from when the house was built 13 years ago.

“At worst, we figured it would cost a couple of grand,” Mr Bottomley, 42, said, “but as we got bids, it gradually got more and more expensive.”

“The roofers told us that the house was never built properly, and that it wasn’t just a case of wear and tear; it was manufactured incorrectly.

“We thought we would have a chance because we were just past the 10-year warranty period, but Persimmon doesn’t seem to care.

“We assumed we’d have to pay something, but it turned out it was due to poor craftsmanship, so we shouldn’t have to.”

The pair claimed they called several personnel at Persimmon but were informed they couldn’t help them.

“We haven’t heard anything from them,” Mr Bottomley remarked.

The situation, according to Atenea, 36, transformed their fantasy first home into a nightmare.

“It started with the wet at first, but when the rain came down, it got extremely bad,” she continued.

“We were really excited since it was our first house together, and then we had all these problems.

“We used our funds to pay for it,” says the narrator. We kept that in case there were any problems in the house, like a boiler malfunctioning or something, but it wasn’t our fault.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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