After the untimely death of a lady, 38, funeral visitors were given free lottery tickets.


Singapore-born 38-year-old Evelyn Hoi wanted to make sure her funeral guests were given a good time as she completed “her final journey” wanting to be surrounded by “joy and positivity”

For many, planning your funeral early is a sensible step in life.

From the music to the style of coffin you’ll be carried off in, there are many different things you can plan.

But for Singapore-born 38-year-old Evelyn Hoi, the most important thing was giving her friends a potentially life-changing gift.

For Mrs Hoi, who died of stage four lung cancer after a four-month battle with the disease, demanded that all those attending her funeral were to be given a lottery ticket.

Her 43-year-old sister, who didn’t want to be named, told the Chinese Evening Daily that Mrs Hoi had “always been a helpful person with a heart for others,” and that she wanted her funeral to be a “happy occasion”.

She said: “She hoped to complete the final journey of her life surrounded by joy and positivity.

“We tried our best to fulfil her requests, including giving out gummy sweets to mourners instead of the traditional hard candy.

“She hoped to bring them good luck, so we bought 200 tickets.”

The venue for the wake was decorated to her wishes, with balloons, including large rainbow-shaped ones at each side of the altar, according to

There was also a giant balloon bubble tea sculpture – in honour of her favourite bubble tea drink – with an actual cup of the beverage made to sit by the coffin.

Six hours before her death, she even penned farewell letters to several family members, requesting that they only be read after she had died.

Her husband also said that her one regret was “being unable to travel” one final time before her death, as Coronavirus restrictions meant she was unable to do so.
Whether any of the lottery tickets handed out at Monday’s funeral were winners remains to be seen – but, if so, then this could very well be the ultimate case of making the best out of a bad situation.

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