After the ‘thundersnow’ blast, a massive Atlantic downpour is expected to drench the UK in HOURS.


After the ‘thundersnow’ blast, an Atlantic downpour is expected to drench Britain in HOURS.

An Atlantic weather front is expected to dump massive amounts of rain on the UK this weekend, following a snowstorm.

As Britain braces for a bitterly cold Thursday night and buffeting snow on Friday, the Met Office has issued two yellow weather warnings for snow and ice.

However, according to weather maps and charts, the weekend will bring a change in weather, with much of the UK soaking wet.

According to WXCharts maps, much of the UK will have at least 1cm of snow on the ground by Friday night after heavy storms in the north arrive on Thursday and Friday.

However, as the clock strikes midnight, pressure systems bringing wet weather from Greenland will continue to push across the UK, with rainfall rates of up to 2mm per hour expected in the Outer Hebrides and parts of Northern Ireland.

While snow is expected to continue in Scotland, the band of weather is expected to soak much of the west coast of Britain by 6 a.m. on Saturday, with Manchester and Liverpool receiving 5mm of rain per hour.

As the morning progresses, the worst of the rain will have passed through Scotland, with only a few millimetres of light rain falling along the west coast, while the heavier rains move into the midlands, Wales, and parts of south west England.

The worst of the rain will fall in Wales at this time, with 3 to 5mm of rain expected.

As Saturday progresses, the initial band of rain will have pushed through much of the UK, with 3mm downpours ending by 3pm in London and the south east.

Another band of Atlantic weather is expected to hit at this time, though it will be much weaker, bringing light snowfall along the west Scottish coast and near Derry.

Sunday will see patches of rain and snow across the UK, with a more settled night with intermittent rainfall expected.

Manchester will be hit by the worst of the weather by midday on Sunday, with up to 3mm of rain and 2cm of snow expected.

By Friday, “Polar Maritime air from Greenland, moving across the North Atlantic,” according to forecaster Jo Farrow, will pick up moisture and “throw a lot of showers our way.”

“Through Friday morning, a new little low center develops off SW Britain, linking back to another Atlantic low pressure off the tip,” she wrote for the website.

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