After the tanker attack, the EU has been accused of ‘supporting murder, death, and torture’ because of its ties to Iran.


After the tanker attack, the EU has been accused of ‘supporting murder, death, and torture’ because of its ties to Iran.

A German MEP has accused the EU of being “complicit in death, torture, and arbitrary arrests” in Iran.

Enrique Mora, the EU’s Deputy Foreign Representative, will attend the inauguration of Iran’s new President Ebrahim Raisi on Thursday. Amnesty International, on the other hand, criticized Mr Raiso for being responsible for hundreds of arrests, torture, and killings as chairman of the Iranian Judges’ Commission in 2019.

Joachim Kuhs, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) delegation’s financial policy spokesman in the EU Parliament and a member of the AfD’s federal board, expressed his displeasure with the action.

“While the Iranian people walk to the streets to protest against the extreme Islamic regime, Brussels supports the unjust regime,” he declared in the European Parliament.

“Over the last five years, the EU has made 60 million euros available to Iran, according to the financial transparency portal.

“They are sending a terrible signal to the dictatorship in Tehran, the Iranian opposition, and the world with this and their visit, and are implicated in death, torture, and arbitrary arrests in Iran.”

The EU’s proposal to send Mr Mora to the inauguration was also sharply criticized by Israel.

“The choice of the European Union to send a senior representative to the swearing-in ceremony of the ‘Butcher of Tehran’ is strange and displays bad judgment,” said Lior Haiat, a spokesperson for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He went on to say that the EU’s participation “gives legitimacy to the Iranian attack and the Iranian government’s aggressive attitude.”

He went on to say, “We urgently advise the EU to immediately cancel their humiliating participation in the butcher of Tehran’s inauguration event.”

It follows NATO and the EU’s condemnation of Iran’s suspected attack on a merchant ship in the Arabian Sea on Tuesday.

A British national and a Romanian were killed in a drone strike on the MV Mercer Street last Thursday.

After years of tensions over the shattered nuclear deal between western nations and Iran, it was the first recorded lethal hit on commercial vessels in the region.

“Such acts harmful to the region’s security and freedom of navigation are unacceptable,” said Nabila Massrali, a spokeswoman for the European Commission.

“All parties involved must refrain from any measures that could jeopardize regional peace and stability.”

“The EU is only too happy to accommodate Iran,” wrote Alireza Nader and Benjamin Weinthal in July. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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