After the SNP’s desperation effort, Boris slams the door shut on Nicola Sturgeon’s aspirations for independence.


After the SNP’s desperation effort, Boris slams the door shut on Nicola Sturgeon’s aspirations for independence.

BORIS JOHNSON has reaffirmed that “constitutional change” is not “at the top of my agenda,” as he asked the SNP to collaborate with him on the UK’s recovery.

The Prime Minister made his statements while in Scotland for the United Nations’ COP26 climate change summit, which will be held in Glasgow later this year. Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister, has made it clear that once the crisis is over, she intends to conduct a second referendum on independence.

After a draft version of a motion set to be voted on at the party’s annual conference in September was leaked, the SNP looked to make a new push for a new vote this week.

The motion urged the Scottish Government to introduce legislation for IndyRef2 as soon as possible.

When addressing this afternoon, however, the Prime Minister appeared to throw cold water on the referendum demands.

“I believe the priority for our country as a whole is bouncing back together, working our way ahead together from this pandemic, and I believe the opportunities are simply phenomenal,” Mr Johnson added.

“But I think the focus has to be on economic recovery, and constitutional change isn’t at the top of my agenda, to put it that way.”

“In my opinion, the goal is to bounce back strongly from Covid, to work together on that, to continue to deliver the vaccine, and, by the way, to deliver on other top priorities of the British people,” he concluded.

“I was in Glasgow yesterday talking to people from agencies all throughout the UK who are working to combat county lines drug gangs. You can see how the United Kingdom will have to work together to accomplish this.

“There are a lot of things we need to do together, and that’s what I’d like to concentrate on.”

After a majority of independence-supporting MSPs were elected to Holyrood in May’s Scottish Parliament elections, the SNP argues it has a mandate for a second referendum.

Mr Johnson has refused to rule out a future referendum, but has stated that now is not the time to focus on it.

Downing Street hopes that by taking this strategy, officials would be able to avoid charges that Westminster is keeping Scotland in the UK against its will while also deferring a vote.

He stated again this afternoon that his government is “focused on jobs.” Brinkwire Summary News


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