After the royal visit, Prince Charles expressed his anger with Kate and William, saying, “I felt sidelined!”


After the royal visit, Prince Charles expressed his anger with Kate and William, saying, “I felt sidelined!”

Following their trip of Canada in 2011, unconfirmed sources suggest that Prince Charles was dissatisfied with his son, Prince William, and daughter-in-law Kate.

The Duchess of Cambridge married into the Royal Family more than a decade ago. A royal expert recently noted how she and Prince William were first perceived to be too formal and stuffy, but over the years Kate completely adapted to the role and made it her own. The author of “Prince Harry: The Inside Story,” Duncan Larcombe, characterized Kate Middleton as “perfect” and “very relatable” to the British audience.

The public has warmed up to the Cambridges in the ten years after their royal wedding, according to the royal expert.

“When she initially became a Duchess, people believed she and William were too formal, as if they were trying too hard, but I would say we’re now seeing a full transformation,” he told OK! magazine.

“It’s taken a long time, but Kate has created her own distinct style.”

However, over the years, not all of their royal engagements have gone smoothly.

Several unconfirmed accounts claim that Prince Charles was enraged with them on their 2011 tour to Canada.

According to a 2011 Daily Mirror article, Charles was concerned that the couple’s fashionable image might overshadow the noble work of other senior royals.

According to reports, the Prince of Wales informed Palace staff that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s trip was too focused on media coverage and not enough on the real reasons for the journey.

The William and Kate Show was named after the royal couple’s 11-day tour to Canada nine years ago, when hundreds of thousands of people turned out to greet them.

As they met the public and various celebrities, including David Beckham, Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks, and Jennifer Lopez, the newlyweds were splattered across every TV network and newspaper.

“On the one hand, sources close to Charles indicate that he is ­delighted the pair received the same greeting he and Princess Diana received on their 1983 Canada tour,” the story continues.

“However, he drew a parallel with his arduous 11-day voyage to Canada with Camilla two years ago, which drew small crowds and received limited press.

“A royal insider claims that Charles, who prides himself on being an environmental and architectural campaigner, is now looking for a makeover to attract new fans.”

The report contains citations. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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