After the Netflix contract was signed, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s “novelty value was not what it was.”


After the Netflix contract was signed, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s “novelty value was not what it was.”

MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry’s “novelty value isn’t what it used to be,” according to an analyst who examined the couple’s Netflix arrangement.

Last September, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex signed an unprecedented contract with Netflix, agreeing to develop a variety of content for the platform, including documentaries and scripted shows. The arrangement is said to be worth over $100 million (£72 million), and it was the Sussexes’ first contract after their historic decision to leave the Royal Family last year. They had expressed a desire to leave the Firm in order to live a “financially independent existence,” and in addition to the Netflix deal, they had also agreed to supply podcasts to Spotify’s subscribers.

Industry experts and royal commentators have slammed the deal they signed, with some claiming the couple didn’t provide their superiors with enough content ideas for the sum they were paid.

So far, Harry and Meghan have only confirmed two projects as part of their Netflix arrangement, and they’ve only released one holiday podcast episode for Spotify subscribers.

Despite the limited amount of progress on the two contracts that appears to have been made, the Sussexes said they would be taking a break to spend more time with their newborn daughter Lilibet.

However, royal critic Daniela Elser of the New Zealand Herald pointed out that the couple’s attraction in the United States will only wane the longer they remain out of the spotlight.

She talked about how the couple’s arrival in the United States coincided with the start of the coronavirus pandemic, which “snuffed out a lot of impetus” for their migration.

“They may have been ready and open for business, but the nation was not,” Ms Elser continued.

“Fast forward to current year, with the United States reopening and things returning to normal, the novelty value of a real-life Duke and Duchess in Tinseltown’s midst is no longer as high as it once was.

“If Harry and Meghan don’t want to be written off as a marketing gimmick, and if they want to keep raking in those beautiful big checks full of delicious zeros in the years to come, they’ll have to show they’re worth the investment.”

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