After the Met Office issues weather warnings, Britain shivers in a winter wonderland.


After the Met Office issued weather warnings, Britain shivers in a winter wonderland.

After severe weather warnings from forecasters, sleet and thick ice made driving hazardous in many areas yesterday.

After freezing air swept in from the west, snow fell in the north of England, the Midlands, and the North-east, with temperatures hovering near zero.

Warmer air will usher in strong winds and heavy rain in the coming days.

Snow and ice were declared “severe weather events” by the National Highways Administration.

The Met Office has also issued three yellow weather warnings for snow and ice for today, the least severe of alerts, but temperatures are expected to begin to rise by the weekend.

“Sleet, hail, and snow showers on Friday morning may cause some travel disruption,” a spokesman said.

“Wintry showers are expected to arrive from the west on Thursday evening and overnight, bringing a fresh layer of snow to areas as high as 200 meters above sea level.”

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“Falling snow below this level may result in some temporary slushy accumulations, which could then freeze and result in dangerous, icy patches.”

“In some coastal districts, there’s also a risk of lightning strikes from isolated thunderstorms.”

Tomorrow will bring torrential rain and strong gales, followed by a brief sunny interlude on Sunday, then a wet, windy, and warmer week without snow.


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