After the ‘extreme jump’ rope was not securely secured, a mother of three leaps 82 feet to her death.


After the ‘extreme jump’ rope was not securely secured, a mother of three leaps 82 feet to her death.

Yevgenia Leontyeva, 33, died after falling 82 feet to her death. The experienced jumper eventually died of her injuries in Kazakhstan as a result of claimed “negligence.”

After a ‘rope free-flying’ extreme sport jump went horrifically wrong, a mother-of-three tragically leaped 82 feet to her death.

According to accounts, Yevgenia Leontyeva, 33, calmly strolled over the edge of a hotel rooftop in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, but her support rope was not tied.

Onlookers screamed as the frightening camera showed the moment of her horrific fall, which left her with many injuries.

Yevgenia, a seasoned jumper, was brought to the hospital and had surgery for significant head injuries, but unfortunately died soon after.

A man can also be seen tightening her harness straps before saying “I love you” off camera.

As Yevgenia’s leap goes wrong, a female acquaintance who was also supposed to jump can be heard screaming.

The cross-line, which was designed to break her fall and suspend her, either failed to hold or was not secured, according to reports.

Yevgenia was thrown to the ground below before being dragged 12 feet and slammed against a nearby wall.

According to witnesses, the jump took place before an organizer could fasten the line on a tree.

According to reports, a man was also seen tumbling to the ground.

He is thought to have been clutching the safety rope that was supposed to be attached when he was floored by the power of the fall.

Yevgenia and her buddy had posted “Live it up” and “We’re going to fly” before the deadly leap.

The woman has three boys under the age of 14, two of her own and the son of a deceased relative.

On Sunday, a large number of people were said to be planning daring jumps at the same location.

“The patient was operated on,” a local health spokesman said.

“A craniotomy was performed, and the haematoma was removed.

“The patient died despite the continuous medical treatments.”

Her death has sparked a criminal inquiry, with organizers suspected of “negligence.”

The maximum possible penalty is a 40-day prison sentence.

Rope jumping, also known as rope free-flying, is a stomach-churning extreme sport that began in the United States in the 1990s.

The activity is comparable to bungee jumping, however the jumpers do not bounce because the rope is composed of nylon.

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