After the Euro 2020 setback, the police head rages at the “idiots” who vandalized an Italian eatery.


After the Euro 2020 setback, the police head rages at the “idiots” who vandalized an Italian eatery.

A police commissioner has criticized vandalism in the aftermath of the Euro 2020 final, calling the perpetrators “idiots.”

The chair of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC), Marc Jones, has spoken out against football supporters’ “mindless” behavior. When it comes to football, Mr Jones added, “something simply switches” in people who would typically follow the rules.

As a result of the Euro 2020 climax, the commissioner claims that disorder has spread to smaller towns across the country.

Following England’s loss to Italy on Sunday night, an Italian restaurant in Sleaford, which Mr Jones described as one of Lincolnshire’s “safest, nicest towns,” was beaten up by England fans.

“The entire seating area outside was shattered to pieces,” Mr Jones said during a press briefing on Thursday.

“They were complete morons – they were destroying their town’s only Italian eatery. What do you say to folks who think it’s okay?

“You need to gather individuals and make it very public that ‘these are the folks that did this stuff.’ Allow their friends, family, employers, and coworkers to get a sense of who they are.”

Authorities are currently compiling information on situations where Italians were targeted during the Euro 2020 football competition, which has been dubbed the worst football event in history in terms of violence.

There have been almost 2,300 police incidents associated to the Euros, ranging from stabbings to fights.

As a result of these instances, at least 630 persons have been detained across England and Wales.

Festus Akinbusoye, the Bedfordshire Conservative PCC, also spoke out about what he sees as a “broader issue with football culture.”

“Rather than focusing on policing, I’d like us to talk about the football culture that encourages this kind of senseless destructive vandalism,” he said.

Racist social media messages aimed at England football players have provoked national anger and are being investigated by the police.

The government has announced that it will extend Football Banning Orders, which will prevent anyone responsible for the abuse from entering stadiums for up to ten years.


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