After the Covid issue, Leo Varadkar is facing “serious questions” about his political future.


After the Covid issue, Leo Varadkar is facing “serious questions” about his political future.

According to a former diplomat, LEO Varadkar, Ireland’s former taoiseach, is facing “serious issues” about his political future as a result of his presence at a controversial luncheon organized by ex-minister Katherine Zappone.

And, according to Ray Bassett, the entire affair highlights Mr Varadkar’s “breathtaking cynicism.” Mr Varadkar is currently Ireland’s Tanaiste, or deputy leader, as well as the leader of his party, Fine Gael. Mr Varadkar, who is well-known in the UK for his close ties with Brussels during the Brexit process, has denied any violation of COVID-19 regulations in relation to the outdoor social gathering, which took place at a hotel in Dublin six days before Ms Zappone was set to be appointed as a United Nations Special Envoy – a position she declined after the event became public.

Ireland’s Foreign Minister and deputy Fine Gael leader, Simon Coveney, was also present.

“Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney have been gravely hurt by the current controversies,” Mr Bassett, Ireland’s former ambassador to Canada, Jamaica, and the Bahamas, told This website.

“If they assume the public believes their excuses for the Merrion Hotel incident or the unsuccessful attempt to appoint former Minister Zappone to the Irish representative at the United Nations, they are clearly out of touch with the average citizen.”

“Both Ministers believed they could operate as though the normal limits did not apply to them,” Mr Bassett continued.

“It is obvious that they have been in power for far too long and have lost touch with the majority of the people.”

“There is practically nobody who believes that the sudden relaxing of national standards on Covid limitations was not a cover for Leo’s attendance at the Merrion Hotel party,” he stated.

“The exercise’s cynicism is stunning, and it smells of a corrosive entitlement mentality.

“For the first time, genuine doubts are being raised about Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney’s leadership of the Fine Gael party.”

Mr Varadkar, who was ousted as Taoiseach last year by Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin, acknowledged his “regret” for attending the event yesterday, and apologized to the hospitality industry for the misunderstanding caused by “unclear” regulations and guidelines on outdoor gatherings.

“I know most people will want to stick to the.”Brinkwire Summary News,” he added.


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