After sunseekers luxuriate in the hot summer, Brighton beach has been left in a deplorable state.


After sunseekers luxuriate in the hot summer, Brighton beach has been left in a deplorable state.

THOUSANDS of sunbathers came to Brighton Beach over the weekend to take advantage of the warm weather.

As temperatures approached 30°C over the weekend, mounds of trash were left strewn all over Brighton beach. Residents of Brighton were outraged to learn that the normally beautiful beach had been marred by stacks of drinks cans, food containers, and plastic bags.

Rachael Jess, a Brighton resident, uploaded photos of the unpleasant images and said her kid was “very disturbed” by the beach’s state, according to SussexLive.

“Who didn’t take their s*** home yesterday?” Ms Jess said on Instagram on Sunday (July 18).

“This morning, my son is on Brighton beach (waiting for me in the Brighton centre), and he is really disturbed with the quality of the beach.

“As you know, we do a short beach clean every now and again, but we weren’t prepared for this today!”

Free Uni Brighton shared photos of trash mounds and picnic leftovers strewn across the beach. “Brighton beach looked wonderful this morning,” they cynically observed. “We are fortunate to have such kind visitors.”

Tony Shepherd, a former footballer, also shared photos from the scene with his 117k Instagram followers. “Brighton beach yesterday and this morning,” he wrote in the tweet’s caption.

“I’ve had the good fortune to visit some of the world’s most beautiful beaches – several of them were extremely crowded, and none of them were treated in this manner. Is it really that difficult to accept the garbage they’ve brought with them?

“Find another bin or take it home with you if the one you have is full.”

This morning, the beach in #Brighton is looking particularly nice. It’s a blessing to have such kind visitors. #KeepBritainTidy #plasticpollution

Yesterday’s photo of Brighton Beach and this morning’s photo.

“I live in Brighton and it is fantastic to see people enjoying the beach…,” one disgruntled supporter said. “However, take your garbage home with you!!!”

“Both photographs are really dismal in their own way,” another woman remarked, “but people, how hard is it to take your trash home?? What is the problem if you were able to bring it with you?”

“So much for the assumption that Covid confinement would have a favorable impact on behavior when allowed to return to normal life,” a third responded.

“Thought we’d demonstrate our gratitude for being allowed to enjoy beaches, parks, and wild spaces once more…”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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