After spiking drinks with drugs, a mother ‘kills two daughters, one and three.’


A mother ‘kills two daughters, one and three, after spiking drinks with drugs,’ according to a tragic incident.

A MUM killed her two daughters by spiking their drinks with drugs before killing herself, according to a coroner’s court in Bolton.

Before her daughters died in Little Lever, Bolton, in 2019, Tiffany Stevens, 27, believed she had brought them into a “corrupt world.”

The mother-of-two allegedly killed Casey-Lea Taylor, 3, and Darcy Stevens, 1, by administering “massive amounts” of a pain reliever, according to the coroner’s court in Bolton.

The deaths of the tots were initially mistook for murder, but Tiffany’s was not investigated.

According to the inquest, the mother had injected herself with a cocktail of drugs and had fatal levels in her system.

“I have chosen to kill us in my children’s best interests,” the mother wrote in a heartbreaking note.

After concerned relatives were unable to contact her for a week, officers were dispatched to their home.

When paramedic Kirsty Ogden arrived at the terraced house, she discovered Tiffany and Casey-Lea lying on a mattress under a duvet.

Darcey was found dead in a buggy near the front door, near the living room where her mother and sister were discovered, according to the inquest.

Darcey died after consuming lethal doses of pain reliever, according to a toxicology report.

Another drug had been injected into Casey-Lea’s system, along with a variety of other substances.

The family had been dead for about a week when they were discovered, according to Dr. Phillip Lumb.

Both the tots died as a result of drug toxicity, according to him.

Dr. Lumb stated in response to a question from Tiffany’s mother, Bobby-Jo Stevens, that the drugs Ms Stevens and the girls had taken would have rendered them unconscious prior to death.

“I don’t believe there would be any pain or suffering,” he added.

Police in Greater Manchester confirmed that no one else was being sought in connection with the deaths of the two children.

Mr Sigee described the incident as “one of the most distressing cases I have had to deal with in my time as a coroner” during a previous hearing.

“The criminal offenses of manslaughter and murder will have to be considered as part of that,” he added.

If the criteria are met, I must conclude that they were killed in an unjustified manner.

“I’ve seen the evidence.”

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