After speaking out about domestic abuse, the Teen Mom UK star realized she wasn’t going insane.


EXCLUSIVE: Teen Mom UK star Mia Boardman is releasing her documentary, Domestic Violence & Me: Mia’s Story, and has opened up about her own harrowing experience

Mia Boardman has said she realised she “wasn’t going crazy” when she finally opened up about the abuse she was facing.

The reality star has opened up about creating her documentary and getting necessary support following her domestic violence ordeal.

The Teen Mom UK star bravely spoke about her experience earlier this year after her ex boyfriend Christopher Brooks was jailed for 12 months after pinning her to the floor and strangling her.

Now, Mia has used her platform to spread more awareness on domestic abuse and the harrowing experience that so many people deal with on a daily basis.

Mia will be releasing her documentary, Domestic Violence & Me: Mia’s Story, on MTV on Wednesday evening (October 13) – and she’s recognised that the filming process has helped her tremendously.

Speaking to Brinkwire, Mia explained that she spoke to various people while filming, including survivors – and former abusers.

She said: “I went on a journey learning about abuse and speaking to different women, and one of the women, Natalie, said it felt like every man had read the same book. That’s what it felt like for me. Suddenly it felt like I wasn’t going crazy, it wasn’t my fault.

“When I sat down to speak to the former abusers, I went in thinking they are the way they are, I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that they could have those beliefs and they could change.

“I was nervous. There were a lot of emotions going through my head.”

Mia spoke to a man who had a history of abuse. She explained that upon speaking to the man, she realised that he had replicated the behaviour of his father, and eventually got help.

She said: “He went on this course and realised it wasn’t right and changed the way he thought. A lot of people don’t think they need to change. If this course is working for people, there should be a bigger push for it. His wife and his family have said they’ve seen a big change in him.

“This has left me feeling really hopeful. I didn’t think people could change until I met him.”

Speaking with victims, however, had Mia concerned on the sentences that abusers receive.

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