After returning from Afghanistan, Pen Farthing’s animals may be put down.


After returning from Afghanistan, Pen Farthing’s animals may be put down.

After finally arriving in the UK from Afghanistan, PAUL “Pen” Farthing’s animals may face a new threat.

After getting widespread public backing, the ex-Royal Marine’s mission to transfer staff and animals from the Nowzad shelter out of Afghanistan has sparked controversy in recent days. Despite the fact that visas were approved for his 24 employees and their dependents, Mr Farthing refused to leave without his pets and planned to flee the country with 200 dogs and cats. The ex-marine and his animals were at Kabul airport on Friday, according to the Ministry of Defence (MoD), and clearance for their charter flight had been provided by the UK government.

He arrived safely in London Heathrow over the weekend and is now reportedly on his way to Norway to see his wife Kaisa Markhus.

This implies that the cats and dogs he brought from Kabul will almost certainly have to be quarantined under UK law.

However, if they are proven to have any infections during their quarantine, they may be put down.

This situation would be like Geronimo the alpaca “on speed,” according to a Whitehall insider. Geronimo’s owner Helen Macdonald recently lost a high court order that he should be put down after testing positive for Bovine TB twice.

Mr Farthing was also heard berating Peter Quentin, a special adviser to defence secretary Ben Wallace, who he accused of “blocking” efforts to organize a flight, according to the Times.

Mr Wallace has previously complained that his situation was diverting attention away from those tasked with rescuing the most vulnerable.

Mr Wallace also claimed that supporters of Mr Farthing had abused MoD employees.

“Peter Quentin is a political adviser working in the shadows of the MoD under the leadership of Ben Wallace,” claimed Mr Farthing’s friend and supporter Dominic Dyer.

“I believe he played a key role in undermining Whitehall support for Operation Ark, despite the fact that it is a privately funded humanitarian effort with widespread public and parliamentary support.

“Pen Farthing, who was risking his life in Kabul to get his people and animals to Britain, was completely justified in holding Mr Quentin accountable for his actions, and I believe it’s past time Ben Wallace revealed how this rogue advisor attempted to delay flight authorisation for operation arc into Kabul.”

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