After receiving three bullets in a terrifying letter, Pope Francis’ security has been beefed up.


After receiving three bullets in a terrifying letter, Pope Francis’ security has been beefed up.

After receiving a death threat, Pope Francis has been placed under the protection of enhanced security.

Mail staff discovered an envelope with three bullets addressed to Pope Francis, 84. Postal workers at a sorting office near Milan notified law enforcement officials to the letter.

The threat, which is said to have originated in France, is currently being investigated by police.

The package was seized before it reached the Pope, according to Italy’s Carabinieri police.

“We can affirm that during the night, in a sorting office in Peschiera Borromeo, Milan, the Carabinieri intercepted an envelope, with French postage, containing three bullets and addressed to the Pope – ‘Il Papa – Città del Vaticano, Piazza S. Pietro in Roma,” according to a statement from the force.

“The investigation is still underway.”

The bullets are thought to come from a handgun.

The warning comes as the pontiff prepares to leave on Thursday for a trip to Budapest.

According to the Star, the Pontiff will be surrounded by a ‘ring of steel’ when he exits Rome’s Fiumicino International Airport.

Before continuing on to Bratislava, Slovakia, the Pope is expected to meet with bishops and other church authorities in Hungary.

The suspicious package also contained a note “alluding to financial operations at the Vatican,” according to police.

The Pope’s death threat comes at a difficult time for him, as he just got out of the hospital after a routine colon operation.

It also comes only days after the start of a trial on July 27 in which ten persons, including a prominent cardinal, were accused on charges of squandering Vatican funds.

The multi-million pound scandal revolves around the acquisition of a high-end London apartment.

According to Reuters, the Pope provided his personal assent for the trial of the high figures to proceed.


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