After receiving a ‘needing £17,000 repairs’ council home, a ‘disgusting’ family demands a larger one.


A STAFFORDSHIRE family has called for a bigger property after they were given a “disgusting” house in dire need of “£17,000-worth of repairs.”

Sophie Taylor and James White, 25, moved into the Cheadle property in June this year with their two children Thomas, four, and Ruby, two. Their new home was intended as a “new beginning” for the family, but soon after move-in day, Sophie and James found that their new two-bedroom home wasn’t up to scratch.

Mum Sophie branded the house an “absolute shambles”, claiming that the “whole structure of the house needs to be done.”

The issues the family have with the house include missing bins, a “condemned” garage, and holes in the driveway.

Sophie complained: “We’ve been told that the garage has been condemned because it’s so lopsided that it needs to be knocked down and rebuilt again.”

She adds that the outdoor space comes with more than its fair share of problems.

She described: “The concrete at the back of the garden and the driveway is full of cracks and holes. It’s five-inch deep holes, it’s disgusting.”

Sophie contended that the property’s garden was a key point for them, as it was hoped that James, who suffers from mental health issues, could use it.

She explained: “Due to James’ disability we needed a lot of space. But we can’t use the garden at all. It’s so un-level and there are holes in the ground.

She continued: “The front lawn and everything needs redoing. The brick wall at the front is falling down.

“The whole structure of the house needs to be done.”

The outside space has also been off-limits to the couple’s young children.

Sophie said: “My children can’t go out in the garden. It’s disgusting. I want to move now.

“The neighbours are making comments about how horrible the house looks.

“Everyone else’s houses look really nice and then you’ve got this house which is an absolute shambles.

“The only thing I can use my garden for is putting the washing on a line.

“My kids have suffered, I’ve suffered, and my partner has suffered.”

Sophie and James are emphatic that they want compensation – and a larger property – and they are still waiting on repairs to be completed on their house.

Estimates put the total cost of these repairs at around £17,000.

A spokesperson for Sanctuary Housing was keen to “reach an. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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