After Prince William’s last-minute Christmas plan change, Kate Middleton was “left in tears.”


After Prince William’s last-minute Christmas plan change, Kate Middleton was ‘left in tears.’

According to a new documentary, Kate Middleton was “left in tears” after Prince William abruptly changed plans to spend the holidays with her, fearing for her relationship.

The relationship between Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William has been praised for its tenacity and strength.

However, the couple had a rough patch before becoming engaged, briefly splitting up before rekindling their romance and eventually marrying. The stumbling block was reportedly caused by Prince William’s desire to form a relationship that would outlast his parents’ marriage, a strategy that reportedly left the now-Duchess in tears after he canceled Christmas plans at the last minute.

“The Prince reportedly hoped to avoid a failed marriage like his father and mother’s and was thus extra cautious about entering into a serious relationship,” narrator Christine Liwag-Dixon said on The List.

“[Expert] Katie Nicholl went on to say that both the Queen and Prince Charles advised William not to rush into anything.”

“Unfortunately, tensions appeared to reach a breaking point when William made a last-minute decision to cancel plans to spend New Year’s with the Middletons one holiday season.

“After receiving the phone call about the change in plans, Middleton was reported to be in tears.”

“Shortly after, they had a brief breakup.”

Thankfully, the young couple was able to work things out; however, the news of their breakup reportedly upset even the Queen.”

“William had been having second thoughts and sat down with his father and grandmother to have a frank discussion about his future with Kate,” Ms Nicholl wrote in her book, The Making of a Royal Romance.”

Both of them cautioned him against rushing into anything.”

During their first year together, Kate caught Prince William’s eye at a charity fashion show at the University of St. Andrews.

Scotland’s St. Andrews

Between 2001 and 2005, they lived in the same dorm and became friends before dating.

Following their brief breakup, the couple went on a romantic trip to the Seychelles in August 2007, where they booked the entire resort and checked in under the aliases Martin and Rosemary to keep their relationship hidden.

“They thought it would be funny to use joke names,” a local source revealed at the time.

“They’re having a good time pretending to be a normal young couple in love on a romantic date.”

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