After previously featuring other X-Men characters, ‘Fortnite’ now includes Marvel Comics’ Dark Phoenix.


After previously featuring other X-Men characters, ‘Fortnite’ now includes Marvel Comics’ Dark Phoenix.

In a surprise release, Epic Games’ Fortnite’s Dark Phoenix skin added Marvel Comics’ Jean Grey as a playable character in the battle royale game.

It’s not the first time Marvel Comics and Epic Games’ Fortnite have collaborated on a crossover.

However, unlike the past releases of other X-Men characters in the popular battle royale game, there were no initial cross-promotion teases for the Dark Phoenix’s arrival in “Fortnite.”

Dark Phoenix from Marvel Comics is now available in ‘Fortnite.’

Instead, the new X-Men playable character appears out of nowhere in the battle royale game, much like it did in “Fortnite.”

Dark Phoenix’s skin is currently available for purchase in the “Fortnite” in-game shop.

According to Game Pur, it comes just a few days after “Fortnite” announced Naruto’s inclusion in the Battle Bus.

It’s worth mentioning that a famous leaker alluded at Jean Grey being a playable character in the game just hours before Epic Games surprised everyone by including her.

Dark Phoenix Skin and a ‘Fortnite’ Leak

The frequent “Fortnite” leaker, known as HYPEX, indicated that a “The Phoenix Force Set” is likely coming to the battle royale in advance, according to

HYPEX also speculated that another X-Men character, Jean Grey, would be joining the battle royale game.

In the same story, ComicBook speculated that the leak may be a possible crossover, as “Fortnite” has already housed other X-Men characters, like Storm and Wolverine, from the X-Men, where Jean Grey or Dark Phoenix belongs.

It’s worth noting that before Naruto’s official release in “Fortnite,” leakers uncovered it through the game’s code. Much like how HYPEX found out about Dark Phoenix’s possible arrival.

What to Expect from the Fortnite x Marvel’s Dark Phoenix Skin

The battle royale game now has a Jean Grey outfit thanks to a surprising crossover between “Fortnite” and Marvel.

The cosmetic outfit of Jean Grey, dubbed Dark Phoenix, was available in a bundle for players of the game. It comes with the Dark Phoenix skin, the Phoenix Force back bling (which gives the character a blazing phoenix effect), and a loading screen with the Dark Phoenix and other “Fortnite” characters.

A Rising Phoenix emote is sold individually in the in-game store outside of the Dark Phoenix bundle.

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How to Get the Dark Phoenix Skin in Fortnite

As previously stated, the Dark Phoenix skin is included. News from Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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