After police inform her husband that he has hired a £13k hitman, the wife stages her own horrific murder.


After police inform her husband that he has hired a £13k hitman, the wife stages her own horrific murder.

When police learned about Alexander Krasavin’s plot to murder his ex-wife, they devised their own scheme including Hollywood-style special effects to catch him.

According to a police complaint, a taxi driver took out a bank loan to pay a hitman to kill his ex-wife so he could save money on alimony payments.

Alexander Krasavin, 54, was apprehended when police pretended to murder his ex-wife and gave him images of the “crime scene.”

He paid the remaining of the agreed fee to the work friend he had recruited as an assassin after seeing the images of the ‘dead woman’ and receiving an agreed text message ‘You have a dentist’s appointment’ – at which point officers moved in to halt his car, handcuff, and detain him.

Nina Krasavin, Krasavin’s ex-wife, had been taken to make-up artists for the film industry, and it appeared like her throat had been slit.

She later stated that she was taken aback by his actions and that, despite the fact that they were divorced, she believed they had a solid relationship while raising their nine-year-old daughter.

She said, “I can’t believe any of this is possible – I still had feelings for him.”

“And I’m not worried that I’ll die, but I’m afraid that he orchestrated everything…

He viewed my photo of me, which appeared to be dead, and he accepted it?

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“How about our little girl?” “How could he live with the guilt?” she added. In St Petersburg, Krasavin worked part-time as a bus technician and part-time as a cab driver.

According to police, he urged a colleague to murder his ex-wife, and the man initially mistook it for a joke.

When Krasavin persisted in questioning him, he went to the cops, and a plot was devised to entrap him by faking the murder.

The ex-husband took out a £15,000 bank loan and paid his colleague £3,000 in “expenses” for planning the murder, with the promise of paying a further £10,000 after the job was finished.

Another £2,000 was kept by him.

On tape, Krasavin stated that he would work as a cab driver on the day of the murder – Monday this week – in order to construct an alibi.

Nina claimed the police showed up at her house unexpectedly and whisked her away to a make-up artist at a movie studio.

She couldn’t believe her ears when she heard what she was told.

“I spent the entire day in the criminal investigation department thinking this was a joke,” she said. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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