After mocking Met Police with a Benny Hill film of arrests, Extinction Rebellion has sparked outrage.


After mocking Met Police with a Benny Hill film of arrests, Extinction Rebellion has sparked outrage.

EXTINCTION With Benny Hill music playing over the top, Rebellion insulted the Met Police by sharing a video of protestors giving cops the runaround.

The footage was taken at Tower Bridge on Monday, when the group blocked the historic landmark with a motorhome and a vehicle, according to the Extinction Rebellion UK Twitter feed. The group mocked the Met Police in a social media post that was sped up and accompanied by Benny Hill’s notorious “Yakety Sax” music. However, the Met Police condemned the video on social media, causing the group to face backlash.

Officers can be seen chasing climate change demonstrators in circles as they try to avoid arrest in the video.

After that, one person can be seen diving beneath the parked caravan in the middle of the bridge and chaining himself to the chassis.

As mayhem ensues, a police officer tries and fails to drag the demonstrator out from underneath.

During a frantic tussle, it takes four officers to bring one woman to the ground.

“In case any @MailOnline, @Daily Express, or @Telegraph readers are wondering how #ExtinctionRebellion continues to give the @metpoliceuk the runaround, here’s exclusive live footage of Tower Bridge this afternoon,” the climate change organization tweeted alongside the video.

The Met Police, however, responded with a surprising retaliation.

“What we see: Met officers promptly take action as activists attempt to block a major motorway connecting north and south London,” the police service responded.

The video elicited mixed reactions from viewers, with many agreeing with the climate change group’s message and embracing the disruptive methods, while others questioned why the cops were being targeted.

“I absolutely agree with these disruption tactics,” one user commented, “but I disagree with how the XR social media accounts are progressively taking pleasure in causing police trouble.”

“It should be regarded as a necessary means to a very important aim, not as a recreational activity.”

“How does this stop climate change?” asked another. a third slammed, “hopefully it continues until the government hears and bans the back packet oil transfers and criminalizes large polluters,”

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, the group staged a variety of disruptive actions, including one outside the Science Museum in protest of its sponsorship relationship with Shell.

Extinction Rebellion is on the UK government to put an end to all. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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