After Merkel’s departure, Italy is expected to become Europe’s “third power.”


After Merkel’s departure, Italy is expected to become Europe’s “third power.”

A political expert told This website that if Angela Merkel departs her office, the EU might experience a major shift in dynamics by admitting Italy as a third force to lead the bloc alongside Germany and France.

Mrs. Merkel is in the penultimate week of her term as German Chancellor. Her historic 16-year tenure will come to an end on Sunday, when Germans go to the polls to elect a successor. Armin Laschet, who took over as leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) from her earlier this year, has suffered a setback in the polls, with Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) candidate Olaf Scholz taking the lead.

Germany’s future role in the EU is now being debated.

Mrs Merkel is widely regarded as having co-led the EU with French President Emmanuel Macron, leaving a legacy in the process.

While some have speculated that Mr. Macron may try to sweep in and seize the EU with both hands, others believe that a post-Merkel Europe would see another great power enter the fold.

Italy, Europe’s third largest economy, may be welcomed as a leading force, according to Dr Alim Baluch, a German politics professor at the University of Bath.

He claimed that a post-Brexit and post-Merkel alliance in Europe was desperately needed, despite the fact that many European countries did not want a Franco-German strongman combination.

“Because of Brexit, the Franco-German alliance will become even more significant, and this may irritate other countries,” Dr. Baluch told this website.

“Perhaps Germany and France could work together to identify a third country – Italy has a large economy and a large population.

“Perhaps the rest of the EU feels controlled by the Franco-German alliance, which could be an issue in the future.”


He suggested that Germany, which has generally avoided appearing to lead the EU, could be more than willing to welcome a third country into the upper echelons of authority.

“Germany is extremely pleased for France to pretend to be more powerful than they are and to send harsh messages when they snarl at smaller countries or the United Kingdom,” he continued.

“France wants to punch beyond its weight, and Germany says, ‘Yes, go ahead.’”

Following the “Brinkwire Summary News,” Italy has rebuilt its relationship with Brussels in recent months.


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