After masked thugs beat them up, a gay couple is afraid to ‘ever hold hands again.’


After masked thugs beat them up, a gay couple is afraid to ‘ever hold hands again.’

A GAY couple who were assaulted by a gang of masked thugs fear they will never be able to hold hands again in public.

Ryan Winnard, 21, was walking hand-in-hand with Max Green, 18, when a gang of shameless thugs shouted homophobic slurs and launched a vicious attack, in which Max was punched and attacked with a hammer. Ryan suffered a broken nose and a fractured cheek bone in the ordeal, which occurred at around 8.15pm on Tuesday in Bury, Greater Manchester.

“We were holding hands when they started shouting over at us calling us f****** and gay boys,” Ryan told Manchester Evening News about the ordeal.

“We didn’t want to start a fight with them, so we kept walking.”

“Before we knew it, there were about five to six lads running at us in balaclavas and gloves.”

“They started punching and kicking us, and a hammer was hitting me in the knees.”

Max also had a deep abrasion on his head, and a number of items were stolen, including a phone and credit cards.

Ryan, from Salford, Greater Manchester, said he called the cops right away, but it took more than two hours for emergency services to arrive.

He fears he’ll never have the courage to hold his boyfriend’s hand again in public.

“I should be able to walk around holding my boyfriend’s hand without fear of this happening,” he said.

“It’s one of those things you never expected to happen to you, but it has.”

“I don’t think I’ll walk around Radcliffe ever again.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to walk down the street holding my partner’s hand.”

I should be able to walk around with my boyfriend’s hand in mine without fear of something bad happening.

Ryan Winnard is a writer and musician.

The couple, who were assessed by paramedics, have expressed gratitude for the support they’ve received since the ordeal.

However, neither their possession nor the assailants have been discovered.

“When my mother found out,” Ryan continued, “she was heartbroken.”

“Everyone’s support has been overwhelming.

“Everyone is simply trying to help us.”

“Enquiries established that a group of around five to six people were involved,” said a Greater Manchester Police spokesperson.

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