After Marine Le Pen’s warning, the EU is on the verge of becoming a reality as a “prospect of hostile France.”


After Marine Le Pen’s warning, the EU is on the verge of becoming a reality as a “prospect of hostile France.”

THE EU is on the verge of collapse due to the “threat of a hostile France,” according to a political expert who believes Marine Le Pen will win next year’s presidential election.

Emmanuel Macron became President of France in 2017 after defeating Marine Le Pen by more than ten million votes.

However, Mr Macron’s presidency has been marred by a series of protests that have harmed his popularity. Protesters this year urged that Mr Macron abandon controversial proposals for vaccine passports, which critics see as an infringement on human liberty.

Earlier in 2021, French motorists were also hit with a sharp increase in fuel costs, with petrol costing 16 percent more than it did at the start of the year, and diesel costing 12 percent more.

According to Politico’s Poll of Polls, both the president and Ms Le Pen are expected to receive 25% of the vote in the first round of voting in 2022.

While Mr Macron is expected to win 56 percent of the vote in the second round of voting, compared to Ms Le Pen’s 44 percent, the race is still much closer than in 2017.

According to one political specialist, a victory for Ms Le Pen is a distinct possibility, and one that would be devastating for the EU.

The leader of the National Rally abandoned plans for a Brexit in 2019, but she remains a staunch eurosceptic, warning that if she is voted to parliament, the implications might be “devastating” for the EU.

“In the event of a Marine Le Pen triumph, Brussels may regret the RN’s renunciation of Frexit,” said Cambridge professor John Keiger in The Spectator.

“Having a hostile France continuously at odds with Brussels would be a devastating blow to the EU.

“The next French administration will raise hell and accuse France’s europhile deep state, but the process will be guided from Brussels.

“A chilly relationship between France and the Berlaymont will make Brexit appear friendly.”

Mr. Kreiger further stated that with Le Pen at the leadership of the EU, there would be numerous divides among member states.

“Then there’s the issue of how member states will react to this newly governed France,” he added.

“Marine Le Pen will receive significant support from Poland, Hungary, and Austria.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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