After leaving EastEnders, Luisa Bradshaw-White is undergoing a career makeover.


After leaving EastEnders, Luisa Bradshaw-White is undergoing a career makeover.

Luisa Bradshaw-White played Tina Carter on EastEnders until the character was brutally murdered by Walford’s resident serial murderer Gray Atkins – now she’s taken a break from acting after years in the industry.

Luisa Bradshaw-White, a former EastEnders actress, has taken advantage of her exit from the show and chosen to try something new.

Instead of continuing her playing career, the actress, 46, has decided to take up a new position as a dance teacher.

She’s started Ecstatic dancing courses in Chorleywood, Hertfordshire, which are sometimes known as “sober raves” since individuals move freely to the music without following steps.

Luisa previously admitted that she finds “comfort” in the dances and experiences joy when she participates.

She told HertsLive that she will DJ at the gatherings, which is a skill she picked up during the pandemic.

“Everyone drinks the cacao [tree that produces cocoa beans], so there’s a little bit of a ritual, and then people just start dancing,” Luisa explained, “and I DJ the music to start really, really mellow, and then the beat gets up, and the cacao really opens your heart.”

“The cocoa and the music are such a fantastic combo.”

People will be taught a different manner of “raving” instead of traditional dancing lessons as she prepares to launch her inaugural ecstatic dance and cacao ritual on October 31.

Luisa admitted that she thought this was her “calling,” and that she wanted to find a form of therapy that would feed her soul, something acting didn’t provide.

“Even though I enjoyed being in EastEnders and met the most amazing people, it didn’t feed my spirit, and after seven years, it was time,” she continued. I really wanted to do something I was enthusiastic about because I felt this calling so strongly.” After playing Tina Carter from 2013 until 2020, Luisa is making a career move.

She departed Walford last year, and while her loved ones believe she is missing, Gray Atkins murdered the fan favorite.

Gray’s horrific murder of Chantelle, who he had subjected to years of domestic abuse, sparked the murder plot, and when Tina found out, he killed her as well to cover up the crime.

Gray also killed Kush because of his fixation with Whitney, but no one has connected the connections yet. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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