After July 19, Khan plans to continue enforcing the face-covering requirement on London’s public transportation.


After July 19, Khan plans to continue enforcing the face-covering requirement on London’s public transportation.

Even though rules requiring masks will be repealed on ‘Freedom Day,’ London Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced that facial coverings would continue to be needed on the Tube.

Sadiq Khan has stated that he is “not prepared to stand by and let Londoners, and our city’s recovery, to be jeopardized” by loosening mask-wearing restrictions on TfL services. After July 19, the Labour Mayor of London added that wearing a mask will be a “condition of carriage” on all TfL trains.

“We will give Londoners and visitors the reassurance and confidence to make the most of what our city has to offer by making face masks mandatory,” Khan asserted.

“It’s an additional layer of safety on top of TfL’s world-leading increased cleaning routine – and I’m certain Londoners will continue to do the right thing as they have throughout the pandemic,” says the mayor.

If these ideas become law, enforcement personnel will be empowered to refuse and remove passengers who do not comply with the Mayor’s face-covering rules from London transportation systems.

TfL claims to have stopped just over 200,000 passengers from traveling on London’s network in the last year until they put on a face mask.

Khan’s plans include making masks required in London cabs and Ubers.

TfL, which Khan chairs as Mayor of London, is now required to do an equality impact review of the Labour politician’s proposals.

Khan’s ideas, on the other hand, are expected to be approved after this is done.

This is despite the Prime Minister’s announcement that face masks will no longer be required to be worn on public transportation in England after Monday, dubbed “Freedom Day” by many Brits.

Boris Johnson, on the other hand, has stressed that people must take “personal responsibility” when deciding whether or not to wear masks, and has urged Britons to do so in “crowded and enclosed settings.”

Those who are skeptical of the government’s COVID-exit strategy have accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of sending contradictory messages, and his replacement at City Hall has been one of the most vocal supporters of preserving the “simplest and safest alternative” of keeping face mask restrictions current.

On behalf of Labour, Khan is not the only one contesting the government’s position on face masks.

Sir Keir Starmer, Labour’s leader, has cautioned that banning masks would be “reckless.” “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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