After July 19, every establishment will require customers to wear face masks – see the complete list


After July 19, every establishment will require customers to wear face masks – see the complete list

LOCKDOWN ORDERS, as well as the legal obligation to wear face masks in public areas, are set to be lifted in England on July 19. Several stores, however, have already stated that customers will be advised to wear face masks while visiting.

In England, July 19 has been designated as Freedom Day, as the majority of the remaining lockdown restrictions are likely to be lifted. From this point forward, face coverings will no longer be required in England. However, the government has stated that people should continue to wear face coverings in crowded settings, such as on public transportation, as of July 19.

Face coverings may soon be a question of personal preference, although some believe they will be necessary in some areas as Covid cases continue to climb.

Many organizations and institutions have already stated that people should continue to wear facial coverings after the lockdown is lifted on Monday.

People will still need to wear face masks when using London’s public transportation system, according to Transport for London (TfL).

This face-covering guidance will apply to both passengers and drivers in taxis and private hire cars.

“We know from the Government’s own consultants and the World Health Organization that wearing a face-covering indoors does lower transmissions,” London Mayor Sadiq Khan stated.

“It leads to an increase in public safety as well as public confidence.

“We will make it mandatory as long as the virus is still with us and we are concerned about the infection being transmitted.”

Customers will be encouraged to wear face masks while visiting stores and supermarkets after July 19, according to certain retailers and supermarkets.

Waterstones was one of the first big high street retailers to advise people to enter their stores after July 19 wearing face masks.

“Following the lifting of limitations on July 19 across England, we will observe new Government guidance,” Waterstones wrote in a tweet on Tuesday.

“Because of our contained browsing environment, we advise our clients to wear face masks and maintain social distance, respecting the safety of our employees and fellow book lovers.”

After lockdown lifts in England, Sainsbury’s, one of the country’s largest supermarket companies, will encourage consumers to wear face masks.

Customers will continue to be encouraged to wear a face-covering if they hear announcements on the tannoy or see placards in stores encouraging them to do so. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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