After Joe Biden’s humiliation, the US sends B52s to attack the Taliban, and a key Afghan city falls.


After Joe Biden’s humiliation, the US sends B52s to attack the Taliban, and a key Afghan city falls.

B52 bombers have been dispatched to Afghanistan to attack the Taliban after the Islamist group embarrassed Joe Biden by taking two major cities.

Taliban gunmen took Sheberghan, in the northern province of Jawzjan, on Saturday.

Following Zaranj in the country’s south-west, it is the country’s second city to collapse in just two days.

Since the pullout of most foreign soldiers, which is expected to be completed by the end of this month, the Taliban has made rapid gains.

There are fears that Afghanistan would devolve into a full-fledged civil war or revert to Taliban authority.

According to The New York Times, US officials have dispatched B-52 bombers and AC-130 Spectre gunships to try to prevent the Taliban from capturing further cities.

Herat Lashkar Gah and Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second city, are being attacked by the group’s fighters.

Before the British soldiers were withdrawn, the Taliban and British troops fought heavy combat in Lashkar Gah, Helmand province.

The B-52 bomber, which first saw duty during the Cold War, can carry 70,000 pounds of explosives.

A Gatling gun, M102 cannon, and Bofors cannon are mounted on Spectre gunships.

America’s B-52 fleet is based in Qatar, hundreds of miles away from Afghanistan.

The USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier is also in the Arabian Sea, where it can assist.

Following the 9/11 terror attacks in New York and Washington, DC, which killed almost 3,000 people, an American-led coalition invaded Afghanistan in 2001.

The Taliban permitted Al-Qaeda, the terrorist organisation responsible for the murders, to utilize Afghanistan as a base for planning and training.

The Taliban imposed a harsh interpretation of Islamic law on the Afghan people, prohibiting women from attending school or leaving the house without their husbands’ permission.

President Trump struck a peace deal with the Taliban in 2020, pledging to withdraw all US and NATO forces within 14 months.

In exchange, the Taliban agreed to restart discussions with the Afghan government and promised that Al-Qaeda would not be permitted to operate from territories under their control.

A number of security experts have already accused the Taliban of violating the pact, alleging that terrorist groups operate from areas under their control.

Following his victory, Joe Biden continued to evacuate foreign soldiers, with the great majority having already left.

However, the Taliban have been able to conquer most of rural Afghanistan in a blitzkrieg campaign as a result of this.

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