After ‘human stretcher’ detention, Scots plan defiant demonstration over ‘right to demonstrate in lockdown’



In defiance of the Covid 19 lockdown over the way four people were arrested after a meeting of an anti-child violence group in Glasgow, ACTIVISTS are organizing separate demonstrations.

After a man arrested for violations of Covid 19 and resisting arrest was brought like a human stretcher to a police van on Dec. 28, allegations were already made to police.

The 40-year-old was detained and accused after a group of up to 25 people dispersed in connection with an alleged Covid breach, resisting arrest and trespassing.

A rally on “the right to protest during a lockdown” was organized by one party although socially distancing themselves later today outside Glasgow City Chambers (Thursday).

A spokesperson for the protest acknowledged that arrests were likely.

They say the limitations of the Scottish government on protesting during the lockdown are a “attack on our democratic freedoms.”

One of the organizers claimed that they called on the Scottish government to “lift its ban on freedom of protest and demonstration,” which they believe violates Articles 10 and 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which stresses freedom of expression.

“A week ago, four people were arrested for holding a protest, and we say that in our opinion these arrests were inappropriate and not proportionate,” said one of the organizers. What makes us unique as a democracy is the right to dissent.

“All citizens have the right to protest and demonstrate, as long as the protest or demonstration takes place in the open and the rules of social distancing are respected.”

“He expressed shock at the “stretcherarrest “‘s and said, “They were there to condemn the children’s sexual abuse.

“That’s not the way police monitor demonstrations.”

The organization is also pushing for more homeless care.

For Jan. 11, another separate protest is reportedly expected.

All photos courtesy of Photography by Billy Knox

Back in November, Liberty and Big Brother Watch wrote to the London Metropolitan Police commander in charge, asking the force to urgently correct reports that demonstrations were banned and raising questions about the “undermining” of democracy.

Earlier versions of the regulations on coronavirus included explicit exemptions to guarantee that demonstrations were not regarded as prohibited, but this was not included in the regulations that forced the month-long lockdown in November across England.

The advice of the Scottish government on protests and protests during a pandemic is that they “carry a risk of further spread of covid-19, particularly if participants do not follow safety measures.”

They say static protests are prohibited in Covid security level 4 areas because of the increased risk of infection.

They say, “We respect and support your right to protest and demonstrate. We understand that there is a desire to protest where there are strong feelings, and the right to do so is fundamental to a healthy, vibrant democracy.”

“Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) guarantees your right to freedom of speech and Article 11 protects your right to meet and demonstrate. We take these rights, and any limits imposed on them, very seriously.

“However, in responding to the Covid 19 pandemic, the Scottish Government must also comply with Article 2 of the ECHR – the right to life. This includes taking appropriate action to protect life by encouraging behavior that protects us all, and legislating to do so where necessary.”

She added: “The Scottish Government will ensure that any steps applied are appropriate, proportionate and time-limited.

“It is also important to recognize that rights and responsibilities go hand in hand, and that those who protest have a duty to take responsibility for their actions and consider the rights of others. In the sense of the COVID-19 pandemic, this means understanding the severity and existence of the virus, as well as the danger that gatherings currently pose to public health, and taking the appropriate measures to mitigate the risk.

“For this reason, if you are planning a demonstration or rally, we strongly advise you to rethink and think about other options nac


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