After his pub employer instructs him to “decide if you’re Arthur or Martha,” the trans cook is irritated.


After his pub employer instructs him to “decide if you’re Arthur or Martha,” the trans cook is irritated.

A TRANSGENDER chef claims he has lost confidence after a pub landlord told him he needed to determine “whether he’s Arthur or Martha.”

Scott Princep, 22, had responded to a Facebook ad for employees at the Harbour Moon Inn in Looe, Cornwall.

After two trial shifts, Karen Ridley, the pub’s landlady, allegedly messaged him, saying he had his “knickers in a twist” and calling him a “tranny,” following a disagreement about Scott’s work standard.

When the manager allegedly told Scott he wasn’t “at the level he needed to be,” Scott reportedly became defensive. Ms Ridley withdrew the offer of additional hours following the initial exchange of messages, in which Scott contested the money he was offered and expressed concerns about the pub’s sanitary practices.

The chef, who was born male, came out to his family and friends earlier this year as transgender and will shortly begin his transition.

He has told only a few people about his forthcoming journey, but Ms Ridley is not one of them.

Despite this, he reported her texts to the police, according to Cornwall Live.

“It has damaged me a little bit,” Scott claims. This will have a psychological impact on me, as I’ve been bullied for a variety of reasons throughout my life.

“I strive to push myself past the things that irritate and disturb me, and this has made me motivated to fight back for all the individuals who can’t always fight back for themselves.”

It has left an impression on me. This will have a psychological impact on me.

Scott Princep is a character in the film Scott Princep

Officers from Devon and Cornwall Police were dispatched to provide Ms Ridley some advise.

She denies being transphobic, calling Scott a “disgruntled ex-employee” who provoked her, and claiming that her words were misread and that all minorities are welcome in her pub.

Scott, who worked as an apprentice chef at a fine hotel near St Austell, Cornwall, before traveling the world, admitted that his initial answer to Ms Ridley’s message “wasn’t the most diplomatic.”

Scott is said to have told Ms Ridley in the message that he had “more experience than any of you in there after combing through 30 different nations learning their cuisines and cooking out there.” His message devolved into a rant about the pub, during which he made claims against an.


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