After her own remarks are used against her in the NHS row, Sturgeon squirms in FMQs, exclaiming, “A humiliation!”


After her own remarks are used against her in the NHS row, Sturgeon squirms in FMQs, exclaiming, “A humiliation!”

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar slammed First Minister Nicola Sturgeon with her own words, calling Scotland’s 600,000-strong NHS waiting list a “humiliation” – the same word Ms Sturgeon used to describe Labour’s dismal record 18 years ago.

During First Minister’s Question, Anas Sarwar slammed Nicola Sturgeon as he pointed out that the current Scottish NHS waiting list has risen to almost 600,000 people and demanded answers. Mr Sarwar, on the other hand, turned Ms Sturgeon’s words against her after pointing out that the SNP leader criticized Labour’s 84,000-strong waiting list in 2003 and wondered if she thought the present number was a “humiliation” as well. Ms Sturgeon attempted to avoid the topic by declaring that the Scottish Government was investing in the NHS and would work to reduce wait times, which she said had increased due to the epidemic.

Mr Sarwar challenged Ms Sturgeon at Holyrood over the Scottish Government’s record on the NHS, as waiting lists continued to expand.

“For the previous 18 months, our NHS personnel have performed magnificently under pressure,” he told the assembly.

“I know everyone in this room agrees, but they were already devalued, under-resourced, and overworked before the pandemic.

“The number of people on NHS waiting lists has risen to above 600,000 this week.

“Does the First Minister agree that this is an embarrassment for the SNP and a tragedy for the tens of thousands of patients on ever-growing waiting lists?”

a tense-looking Ms Sturgeon attempted to deflect the criticism by saying, “It is the government’s job to support the NHS and help NHS personnel get through what is an extraordinarily difficult moment for countries all over the world.”

“I believe most people are aware that we are in the midst of a worldwide epidemic that has had a substantial impact on our national health system.

“Anas Sarwar is correct in stating that our national health service faced issues prior to Covid.

“However, as we can see from the waiting times improvement plan that was in place there, the investment that we had made was starting to lower waiting times.

“Obviously, we are all aware of Covid’s impact on the national health service.”

Mr Sarwar described blaming the epidemic as “disingenuous, insulting, and plainly dangerous,” claiming that the problems had already surfaced before to Covid’s arrival.

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