After her husband butt-dials her while cheating, the woman starts swinging – and she likes it.


After her husband butt-dials her while cheating, the woman starts swinging – and she likes it.

Bev was surprised to discover that she enjoyed listening when her husband unintentionally contacted her while sleeping with a prostitute. She’s now hosting her own sex parties after opting to embrace the idea. After her husband accidently butt-dialed her while sleeping with a prostitute, a woman found her secret fantasy of a swinging lifestyle.

Bev had made up one side of a regular monogamous relationship with her now-ex spouse until the terrible incident.

Bev has been allowed to explore her sexuality and even throws her own sex parties now that she is in a relationship with a man who has completely embraced the swinging lifestyle himself.

“I decided before leaving my ex-husband that I would not be in a relationship with a person who did not know his own sexuality,” the American said on the Monogamish podcast.

Bev then proceeded to tell the account of the unexpected event that had prompted her decision.

“My ex had gone away for the weekend and had butt-dialed me shortly before going out with a hooker,” she alleged.

“He called me and said, ‘I’m going to dinner and will be out of mobile phone range for the rest of the night, so I won’t be able to communicate for the rest of the night.’

“Then he turns around and phones my number.” And, for some reason, I was about to hang up when something inside me said, ‘no, just try to attract his attention.’ So, while waiting for her ex-husband to place an order for supper, Bev soon realized that something lot less harmless was going on, all while she listened on the phone.

“I stay on the phone for 15/20 minutes, just long enough to hear what’s going on,” she added.

“Of course, I was unhappy since he wasn’t honest with me. But I was also completely turned on.

“He was gone for the entire weekend and had turned off his phone, but I was so turned on to hear him with another lady that I played with myself 60 times or something throughout the weekend.”

Despite her previously “vanilla” sexual lifestyle, Bev claimed that this incident had made her realize that all of her dreams had revolved on her spouse having another woman.

Following the experience, Bev vowed to accept her sexuality and established a relationship with Michael.

As it turned out, the two shared a penchant for a’multi-sexual’ lifestyle, in which they claim they enjoy watching each other sleep. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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