After her cousin’s royal departure, Japan’s Princess Aiko makes her first imperial appearance.


Following her cousin’s royal departure, Princess Aiko of Japan makes her first imperial appearance.

PRINCESS AIKO of Japan has made her first public appearance since joining the royal family.

Princess Aiko, 20, made her royal debut at the Imperial Palace’s New Year’s celebration.

The Princess wore a white gown with long gloves to the event in Tokyo.

She also wore a red and yellow sash with a pearl necklace.

Emperor Naruhito, 61, and Empress Masako, 58, were present at the event, along with other members of the imperial family, to welcome Japan into the year 2022.

Face masks were worn by everyone in attendance.

On January 3, the World Health Organization claims that Japan had only 2,555 COVID-19 cases and 4 virus deaths.

Princess Aiko’s appearance comes only a few weeks after she was given permission to begin her official public duties.

During a celebration at the Imperial Palace on December 5, the Princess did, however, greet the press.

On December 1st, Aiko turned 20 years old.

Despite the fact that Aiko is the Emperor’s only child, she is not the next in line to the throne because Japan only allows male heirs to ascend to the throne.

Crown Prince Akishino, who celebrated his 56th birthday just two days before Aiko’s, is the next in line.

Mako, Akishino’s 30-year-old daughter, made headlines last year when she offered to give up her royal status in order to marry a commoner.

On October 26, the ex-Princess married Kei Komuro, also 30.

Komuro works at a top law firm in New York City, and the couple has since relocated.

Mako and Kei first announced their engagement in September of 2017.

Their wedding was postponed, however, due to a financial dispute involving Komuro’s mother.


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