After Freedom Day, Waterstones is facing a boycott over its face mask policy. ‘I want the choice!’ says one customer.


After Freedom Day, Waterstones is facing a boycott over its face mask policy. ‘I want the choice!’ says one customer.

WATERSTONES has enraged freedom activists, who said they would boycott the bookstore because of their polarizing mask-wearing policy, which required customers to wear one on their premises after the store’s reopening date on July 19.

Author Don Macpherson was enraged by Waterstones’ choice to keep mask-wearing, telling TalkRADIO that the UK should be “mentally and physically emancipated” from COVID-19. While he acknowledges that his books are sold in the store, he denounced mask-wearing as a “political gesture” that will only turn customers away. Julia Hartley-Brewer, a TalkRADIO anchor, also took aim at Waterstones on Twitter, claiming that if she was forced to wear a mask during her visit, they would “lose her business forever.”

Author Mr Macpherson took aim at Waterstones over its mask decision, speaking to Mark Dolan on TalkRADIO.

After July 19, the Conservatives will remove the legal necessity to wear masks, allowing the British people to make their own decisions.

The Labour Party, on the other hand, has advocated for masks to be allowed on public transportation, as London Mayor Sadiq Khan is looking into methods to keep masks for Transport for London.

Private enterprises, like Waterstones, will be entitled to determine whether to maintain social distancing and other measures after July 19.

“We don’t need to be locked down; we’ve been mentally locked down for 15 months,” Mr Macpherson told the radio station.

“We need to be mentally freed, to feel freer, to feel as if we can go inside a store.”

“I love Waterstones the bookshop, but I read a statement saying that people must wear masks if they enter the store – and they’re selling my book, bless them.

“But, Mark, I’m not thrilled with that; I want the option of going in there.

“I’ve been doubly jabbed, and I believe I had Covid in the early doors anyway, so I don’t feel like I’m imposing myself or putting other people in danger.”

“But if people thought I was, I suppose I’d have to think about it, but I’d rather not mark.”

“I believe we should be released emotionally and physically, including the masks; I believe it is a token, a political gesture to gain more votes, in my opinion.”

“Following the lifting of restrictions on 19 July across England, we will observe.”Brinkwire Summary News,” Waterstones stated in a tweet.


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