After flinging her kid to safety in an Aldi parking lot, a 24-year-old mother loses her leg.


After flinging her kid to safety in an Aldi parking lot, a 24-year-old mother loses her leg.

A YOUNG MOTHER was seriously injured as she threw her infant out of harm’s way before being crushed between two automobiles.

Ruby Flanagan, 24, was crossing a zebra crossing in the Bidston Moss Retail Park with her five-month-old infant, Leon. Ms Flanagan was struck by a silver Mercedes that also crashed with a blue Volkswagen in front of her, crushing her between the two vehicles.

Ms Flanagan, a Wallasey nurse, had seen what was about to happen and had hurriedly thrown her infant out of harm’s path before the catastrophe. Thankfully, Leon was not hurt as a result of her rapid efforts.

Workers from the retail park’s stores went outside to assist immediately after the crash, before the emergency services arrived.

Before she was taken to Aintree Hospital, a staff member wrapped her legs up and ripped off bedding comforters to make her feel more comfortable.

Her right leg was tragically amputated, and the other was placed in a stabilizing cage.

Ms Flanagan is “traumatised,” according to her sister-in-law Chelsea Clarke, but the manner she threw Leon out of the way was “wonderful and heroic.”

“She is worried about how she will be able to pay the mortgage, utilities, and look after her baby,” she told the Liverpool Echo.

She was supposed to return to work next month after being on maternity leave, but owing to the injuries, she would be unable to do so.

“Her spouse will also be unable to work because he will be responsible for their young son while she is in hospital and even after she has recovered at home. It will be a lengthy rehabilitation procedure involving further operations, physiotherapy, and prosthetics.”

Ms Clarke and her sister Carly have put up a GoFundMe campaign to assist pay for private medical expenses, several therapies, and prosthetics that their sister-in-law would require during her recuperation.

“Her home also has to be adjusted,” Ms Clarke said, “to ensure she has the greatest possible recuperation and the smoothest transition back home when she is able to return.”

I understand that money does not fix all problems, but in this case it will, since it will provide the family with the greatest chance imaginable.

“After the accident, we are heartbroken and just want to put her at ease.”

More than 1,900 people have donated since the event began. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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