After ‘FIFA 22,’ EA is considering renaming its ‘FIFA’ franchise.


After ‘FIFA 22,’ EA is considering renaming its ‘FIFA’ franchise.

EA has stated that its long-running “FIFA” franchise is in the process of being renamed.

According to Tech Radar, this could suggest that “FIFA 22” will be the final game to include the FIFA logo, as EA will now focus on the future of its license agreement with the global football governing body.

In an official blog post, EA announced their intention to rebrand their sports franchise.

The “FIFA” Series is being renamed by EA.

This announcement comes soon after the release of “FIFA 22,” which received largely positive feedback.

If EA Sports succeeds in rebranding the series, it will bring an end to an almost three-decade relationship between EA Sports and the international football association.

This alleged planned rebranding of the “FIFA” games, however, will have no effect on the football games’ partnerships and licenses, which give EA access to as many as 17,000 individual athletes, over 700 professional teams, and more than 30 high-level football leagues around the world, according to EA.

According to EA Sports’ Cam Weber, the plans would simply involve a review of the series’ naming rights arrangement with FIFA, which is believed to be independent from all formal licenses and agreements, according to IGN.

Electronic Arts didn’t say why they’re planning to renegotiate their football franchise’s branding. Though the explanation could be related to recent scandals involving the international football governing body, such as charges of corruption reported by the BBC a few years ago.

Furthermore, with last year’s “FIFA 21,” the “FIFA” franchise was once again in the focus of loot box criticism.

Check out ‘FIFA 2021 Black Market’ for more information. Employees at EA Games are being investigated for allegedly selling lucrative items privately. What Does EA’s Rebranding Mean for the Franchise? The “FIFA” series has been one of EA Sports’ most successful franchises over the years. The choice to rename a 28-year-old franchise could result in significant changes, albeit the game industry behemoth has yet to clarify the situation.

However, it is hoped that it would not be as terrible as Konami’s renaming of their earlier “Pro Evolution Soccer” series to “eFootball 2022,” which was a complete disaster.

With “eFootball 2022,” the former challenger to the “FIFA” series has gone completely free-to-play mode, and it was not an easy shift. According to a Polygon report, the game is riddled with graphics and gameplay flaws, driving many gamers to review-bomb it and make it. News from Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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