After failing to reach a GP, retirees are ‘terrified to death’ of going out.


After failing to reach a GP, retirees are ‘terrified to death’ of going out.

AN ELDERLY COUPLE has admitted to being housebound due to concerns that if one of them falls, they will be unable to see a doctor.

Stewart Priddey, 72, and his wife, June, 83, both of Solihull, said they waited over an hour and a half on hold at Solihull Healthcare Partnership to receive a GP appointment. They said that when they couldn’t reach their doctor, they dialed 999 twice.

June used to see her doctor four times a year, according to Stewart, but she hasn’t seen her doctor since before the Covid-19 pandemic.

June has psoriasis and osteoarthritis, and was admitted to the hospital with sepsis in 2020.

“Hand on heart, I’m terrified to death,” Stewart remarked.

“My wife is 83 years old and she is battling with her health,” he told BirminghamLive, “but we’ve been fighting to get through to the doctors’ for the last year.”

“We were told to call at 8 a.m., but we tried and it was already busy.”

“We tried going to the surgery to arrange an appointment in person, but the last time we did so, it was 8.30 a.m. and there were already nine people in line outside.”

“I was attempting to schedule an appointment for my wife last year, and she ended up in the hospital twice with sepsis.”

“It happened the first time in March, and it happened again in August.

“We’re afraid to leave the house now,” he continues. June will only stroll as far as our back garden, just in case we have an accident. We’d be at a loss about what to do.” Stewart explained how he called his local MP five times and filed formal complaints with SHP.

He went on to say that he switched doctors out of desperation to see a doctor.

“When I couldn’t get through one time, we grabbed the bull by the horns and drove to Heartlands, where we stayed for 14 hours.”

“They were fantastic when we went to see the doctor at Heartlands. “Why haven’t you gone to your GP about this?” the doctor asked, looking at us. The issue isn’t with the doctors or with the employees. The National Health Service is great. We adore our NHS, but getting into it is a challenge. Many folks are genuinely terrified.” By has created a Facebook page. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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