After eating cannabis, a boyfriend ran over and stabbed his girlfriend.


After eating cannabis, a boyfriend ran over and stabbed his girlfriend.

After consuming a space cake, a man stabbed his girlfriend and ran her over with his car during a “psychotic episode.”

After eating a cannabis brownie to celebrate the “delayed” release of the PlayStation 5 console, Jake Notman stabbed Lauren Bloomer, 25, with more than 30 stab wounds.

Notman, 27, had “totally lost touch with reality” and didn’t know “what was real and what wasn’t,” according to the court, and the Crown agreed that his mental state meant a conviction for the murder charge was unlikely.

Notman instead pleaded guilty to manslaughter and will be sentenced later today, according to Birmingham Live.

The car factory worker allegedly beat, strangled, and stabbed Ms Bloomer multiple times, including in the eyes and face, before running over her “defenseless” body with his Ford, according to Stafford Crown Court.

Ms Bloomer, a university student studying at home due to COVID-19 restrictions, became so concerned about her boyfriend’s behavior that she conducted internet searches about “bad trips” shortly before her death, according to Miss Deborah Gould, a Crown junior prosecutor.

Ms Bloomer also called Notman’s relatives, his aunt and uncle, and recorded the events leading up to her death, pleading for help and saying, “Jake, I love you.”

The Honourable Mrs Justice May, the judge, told jurors that Notman had agreed to attack and kill Miss Bloomer in November 2020 at his home in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

His “thought processes” were “seriously disturbed” at the time, she claimed.

“Lauren Bloomer was in a relationship with this defendant,” Miss Gould said in opening the case.

He had ingested a cannabis brownie and was high on the drug.

“Unfortunately, it looked like something out of Scream.

“When Lauren turned on her phone, she had no idea she was about to record her own murder.”

Notman was said to have become enraged because he believed Ms Bloomer, a Birmingham native, had been laughing at him.

Ms Bloomer was heard screaming multiple times on the phone, while the Notman said, “I will f***** murder you,” according to Miss Gould.

Notman allegedly “grabbed Lauren’s hair,” causing her distress and making her “very frightened,” according to the court.

Miss Gould stated the following.

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