After discovering a “nipple” in a bacon bun, a McDonald’s customer was appalled.


After discovering a “nipple” in a bacon bun, a McDonald’s customer was appalled.

After discovering a nipple in his bacon sandwich, an MCDONALD’S customer has pledged to go vegan.

When Simon Robinson, 27, went to McDonald’s for breakfast earlier this week, he received more than he bargained for. He unwrapped his bacon sandwich to see how many rashers were inside before biting into it, only to discover what he believes to be a pig’s nipple.

astonished Mr Robinson returned home to Prudhoe, Gateshead, to show his mother what he had discovered. He claims she was disgusted as well.

In shock, he took numerous photographs and protested to the fast food chain’s headquarters.

“To open it up and find that was revolting,” he stated. It has completely turned me off to meat. So much so that I’m thinking about going vegan.

“Getting a bacon roll from McDonald’s is a very common treat for me, and I always open it up and check what’s inside since I have OCD. This time, it appears to be completely justified.”

Mr Robinson stated that he ate the rest of the roll but left the bit with the nipple.

He claims he contacted McDonald’s, who told him to send it to them so they could examine it in a lab. Mr Robinson, on the other hand, is concerned that if he returns it, they would “simply throw it out.”

“We use back bacon in all our bacon rolls and owing to the place that this cut is taken from, we are convinced this customer is erroneous in his claim,” a McDonald’s spokeswoman stated in response to the claims.

“We understand the consumer is in contact with our Customer Service Team, who is assisting them further.”


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