After Diana’s death, the Queen slammed Prince Charles”surprising and brave’ desire.


After Diana’s death, the Queen slammed Prince Charles”surprising and brave’ desire.

THE QUEEN refused Prince Charles’ “surprising and daring” request following Princess Diana’s death, as reported.

Following Diana’s death in Paris, the Prince of Wales reportedly clashed with the Queen over how Diana’s remains should be returned to the UK. Prince Charles reportedly wanted to fly to Paris on the royal plane to carry Diana’s body home, but the Queen originally refused. “This was a startling and brave move,” said Richard Kay, a friend of Princess Diana, in the Channel 5 documentary Diana: 7 Days That Shook the Windsors.

“He was my ex-ex-ex-ex-hus husband’s husband’s husband’s

“Other than being the father of her sons, he had no right to be there.

“Charles wanted to fly to Paris on the royal airplane, but the Queen refused.

“Charles battled more for Diana in her lifetime than he had ever fought for her.”

His request to visit Paris was initially turned down.

However, Prince Charles refused to give up, and the Queen eventually agreed to let him use the royal plane to return Diana.

Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, was in the hospital when Prince Charles arrived in Paris.

“He was devastated,” he says in the Channel 5 documentary.

“In his own way, he had adored this woman.”

Princess Diana’s coffin was transported to a royal plane waiting at a Paris airport.

It had only been 16 hours since she had passed away.

After then, the royal plane landed at RAF Northolt, which is located just outside of London.

Princess Diana’s coffin was subsequently transported to a private morgue, then to St James’s Palace, and last to Kensington Palace.

The Royal family was staying at Balmoral with the Queen and Prince Philip at the time of Diana’s death.

Prince Charles had to break the news to children Prince Willian and Harry that their mother had died.

When Prince Charles learned of his ex-death, wife’s it was said that he “totally fell apart.”

In the previous year, he had divorced Diana.

On August 31, 1997, Princess Diana was killed in a vehicle accident in Paris.


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