After Deontay Wilder’s stunning victory in Las Vegas, Tyson Fury fans slammed the judges’ scorecards.


After Deontay Wilder’s stunning victory in Las Vegas, Tyson Fury fans slammed the judges’ scorecards.

In Las Vegas, Tyson Fury knocked out Deontay Wilder.

After the official scorecards from Tyson Fury’s fight with Deontay Wilder were announced, fans of the Gypsy King slammed boxing judge Tim Cheatham. Fury defeated the Bronze Bomber for the second time, knocking him out in the 11th round of a thrilling bout.

The boxing world was disappointed when Fury declared he would face Wilder for a third time, as it meant there would be no fight with Anthony Joshua.

But the rage dissipated when the two heavyweights exchanged punches in a thrilling bout in Las Vegas.

While all of the spectators were enthralled by the fight between Fury and Wilder, many were less enthralled with the judges’ decision.

Judges Dave Moretti, Steve Weisfeld, and Tim Cheatham were chastised by fans for their interpretations of the rounds.

And it was the latter who took the brunt of the criticism, as he had declared the tenth round of the competition a tie.

With a clobbering right hook, Fury dropped Wilder to his knees, leading many to believe the Morecambe-based fighter had won the fight.

Despite Fury’s heavy striking, Cheatham did not believe the tenth round was a draw.

According to Cheatham, he too had Wilder winning after six rounds, having won rounds two and nine, leaving him tied with Fury after the ninth round.

The American judge’s decision baffled and perplexed boxing fans, who vented their frustrations on social media.

“Get Tim Cheatham to Specsavers, please.” After the tenth round, how could he have it as a draw?” said one of the fans.

“How did the 2nd and 9th get to Wilder?” wondered another.

“How come one judge scored the tenth round 10-9 and the other two, 10-8, while one gave Wilder the ninth round?” Another perplexed spectator concluded, “I’m watching various fights these guys.”

Fortunately for Fury, Cheatham’s score had no bearing on the outcome of the bout, as he went on to win the fight and successfully defend his WBC title.

He also extended his incredible undefeated streak to 32 fights, and he will be aiming to become the first heavyweight world champion since Lennox Lewis.

Joshua’s rematch clause was triggered, allowing him to fight Oleksandr. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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