After death, a woman claims she was given the option to stay in the hereafter.


After death, a woman claims she was given the option to stay in the hereafter.

A WOMAN who died unexpectedly claims she saw the afterlife and had to choose whether or not to remain in the unearthly region.

There is no evidence that there is life after death. Following a near-death experience, some people believe they have glimpsed the other side (NDE). Dilara, a woman, is one of those who has had an NDE.

Dilara says she went to the “other side” after an accidental pharmaceutical overdose, where she shed all her worried sensations and was flooded with joy.

Dilara was confronted with the decision of whether or not to return to her normal life, despite the fact that she described this apparent afterlife as the happiest place she had ever visited.

“I was suddenly overcome by this ultimate feeling of peace,” Dilara stated on the NDE Research Foundation. It was a strange sensation. I was unafraid. I had no wants or sorrows.

“It was as though all the suffering had vanished. I don’t believe it’s feasible to have such an experience in this life. I was absolutely hugged and accepted.

“I’m not sure what it was, but it felt like something was telling me that everything was great.’ I was almost OK, but I was a little irritated that there were still so many things I hadn’t accomplished.

“I knew there would be no turning back if I chose to go. It was my decision to attend, and I was quite eager to do so. It was quite difficult to resist. It was the most difficult decision I’d ever made.

“I had to let go of that peaceful, serene sensation and return to my body.

“I felt as if I was being guided by a higher power, and I had some understanding of how things would unfold.

“I wasn’t told anything or shown anything; I was just made aware of the issue.

“The level of tranquility and peace I had was the most wonderful thing I ever got to experience, despite how fleeting it was. I knew I couldn’t leave because it wasn’t yet my time.”

Dilara was reawakened and returned to her body, but she said she now feels a sense of “belonging to something bigger” and has made positive “changes in my life.”

NDEs have been shown to increase positivity, according to studies.

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