After criticizing Biden on Covid, Trump receives a barrage of criticism – ‘Cognitive decline!’


After criticizing Biden on Covid, Trump receives a barrage of criticism – ‘Cognitive decline!’

DONALD TRUMP has been chastised for comparing his response to the coronavirus pandemic to Joe Biden’s.

The former President appeared to be criticizing the Biden administration’s handling of the global health problem.

Mr Trump speculated on Saturday with Fox News anchor Dan Bongino about how he would have been treated by detractors if the US had been under “this enormous attack from the coronavirus” while he was in office.

“Well, first of all, could you image if I were president right now and we had this tremendous coronavirus attack, you know, they have new names for it and other new names for it, but it’s precisely what we had, we had the same thing,” he remarked.

“They would remark, ‘What an awful thing, what a horrible job,’ if it were me.

“These are numbers that are equivalent to what it was in some circumstances, but we don’t hear that.”

More than 400,000 coronavirus deaths had been reported in the United States by the time Mr Trump left the White House at the start of the year.

During the early days of the epidemic, the 45th President was also chastised for his dubious support of the antimalarial medicine hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of malaria despite no evidence of its effectiveness.

Mr Trump disclosed in May of last year that he had begun taking the drug around the time that a coronavirus epidemic at the White House raised fears about his safety.

His most recent comments prompted outrage, with some viewers resorting to social media to criticize him.

“I don’t have to imagine…,” one Twitter user remarked. I made it through his complete and total failure. He wanted us in church on Easter instead of testing and tracing.


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